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Application Maintenance
& Support Services

At 200OK Solutions, we specialize in helping businesses maintain, support, and continuously improve their existing software applications across infrastructure, code, and end-user experiences. With broad skill sets covering legacy and modern applications, proven large-scale maintenance track records, and teams equipped to provide application support matched to your time zone, we drive higher cost and capability optimization from your investments.

Our Application Maintenance and Support Services

Maintaining aging applications over time and providing ongoing support for software utilized across the business often demands significant resources. As needs grow more complex, companies need help balancing the costs of full-time teams versus the risks of instability.

This is where 200OK Solutions helps optimize investments by leveraging our seasoned teams and tailored services for application maintenance and support. With experts covering languages like Java, .NET, PHP, and more on frontends, backends, databases, infrastructure, and beyond, we have the skill sets to manage support for modern cloud-native apps to legacy systems cost-effectively.

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Web Applications Maintenance

With expertise supporting standard websites to complex platforms like CRMs and e-commerce, we provide multi-faceted maintenance spanning uptime monitoring, diagnostics, issue resolution, updates, security, and end-user support - optimizing stability.

mobile maintenance

Mobile Applications Maintenance

We help maximize mobile app productivity and competitiveness by adapting them to leverage the latest native device capabilities, SDKs, and best practices - including public store publishing, monitoring, performance refinements, and backend upgrades.

Legacy Application Modernization

Legacy Application Modernization

200ok solutions' Software modernization services assist organizations to become digital ready by adopting cloud and re-architecting, standardizing, rationalizing and scaling their applications.

Legacy Applications Maintenance

Legacy Applications Maintenance

Our Legacy System Maintenance and Support services include expanding or rewriting legacy application functionality, debugging, and developing additional features.

Application Integration

Application Integration

We provide specialist services such as enterprise application integration, which helps to synchronize data and the workforce, along with integration and application updates that significantly improve independent and isolated legacy systems.

Application Migration

Application Migration

Application migration services assist businesses in moving their applications to the cloud, improving availability, scalability, and resilience. Our expertise Includes the migration of apps to the cloud from one data center to another.

Why Choose Us As Your Application Support Partners

We Build Solutions That Set You Up For Success

At 200OK Solutions, our application support teams don't just resolve tickets - we craft enduring solutions which improve, secure, and extend your software investments now and in the future.

With years of broad expertise supporting diverse application types and industries, our engineers become trusted partners deeply invested in optimizing capabilities beyond break-fix engagements.

We pride ourselves on strategic maintenance that cost-effectively establishes resilient, customizable support models designed to enable your team, users, and evolving objectives.

For application maintenance and support centered on long-term, holistic success beyond issue resolution, choose the specialists at 200OK Solutions.













Supporting Your Application's Ongoing Evolution

Our Complete Application Support Model

At 200OK Solutions, we implement different support models based on your application portfolio and spanning multiple specialized layers:

Level 1 Support : Our L1 engineers continuously monitor system availability and performance to respond immediately to issues. They handle initial troubleshooting, root cause analysis, back-office password resets, user notifications, support ticket initiation, and interface directly with your team

Level 2 Support (System Administration): L2 engineers undertake specialized diagnostics falling out of scope for L1 involving more profound server, infrastructure, integration configuration, and cloud migration initiatives. They undertake anything short of actual source code changes.

Level 3 Support (Engineering): Our senior L3 engineers address the most technically complex situations, like bugs in production systems. This technically complex situation involves advanced troubleshooting, security reviews, feature development, technology upgrades, and architectural changes to keep systems current and optimized.

Across all layers, we utilize integrated help desk and project management systems like JIRA and Slack to maintain continuity in tracking issues, changes, progress, and outcomes with complete visibility.

Let us design a comprehensive support approach aligned directly to the needs of your application portfolio now and in the future.






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Realize Continual Value from Your Application Investments

At 200OK Solutions, we provide comprehensive, custom application maintenance and support services that help organizations achieve critical reliability, security, and enhancement goals cost-efficiently.

With experts covering frontend, backend, database, infrastructure, and more - we stabilize and optimize web, mobile, and legacy apps through:

  • Ongoing Issue Identification and Fixes
  • User Support and Performance Tuning
  • Security Upgrades and Feature Enhancements
  • Infrastructure Maintenance

Combining proven processes, monitoring, layered support, and modern tools - we adapt flexible maintenance packages to any budget.

Let us manage and upgrade business apps cost-effectively - so your teams can focus on core initiatives— partner with 200OK Solutions for custom application support that enables lasting success.